Dining | [Official] Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER


2 FNawanoren Restaurant

  • 11:00~19:30(L.O. 19:00)

We offer foods modeled on a popular dining hall that was started for Osaka Castle’s builders,
and Osakan soul foods from three vendors.

2 FSolaniwa Food Cart

*Closed until further notice.

Feels like a festival has come! From a variety of classics, such as candied strawberries and chocolate-covered banana, to special photogenic foods are ready-to-eat.
*Items may vary depending on seasonality and availability.

2 FKomachi-Chaya

  • 11:00~19:30(L.O. 19:00)

We offer a healthy menu including drinks and healthy ingredients that can be prepared to burn fat and maintain sweating while maintaining a consistent body temperature.


*Closed until further notice.

Just browsing the menu will make you feel like you’ve gone on a journey through time and space from old Osaka all around the world.
Definitely try the Singapore laksa which was brought to Japan by European traders! Half-size portions that are easy to pick up and try are also available.

5 FTenga-Chaya

*Closed until further notice.

With sweet desserts like soft serve and parfaits, this café is very popular with women. It is also a special experience to use the garden on clear days.