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Personal information protection policy

The Soraniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER website may require you to input your name, address, and other personal information in order to make reservations, send inquiries, or complete membership registration. Input information is used for the following purposes and in accordance with the following policy to provide customers with beneficial services.
1.Instances requiring you input personal information

Customer personal information is required for certain procedures, including to make reservations, send inquiries, or complete membership registration, as well as to arrange and provide various services and information.

2.Use of personal information

Information acquired in accordance with the above is used for the following purposes.

To fulfill the main purpose of each arrangement request form, including to create reservations, send materials, and respond to inquiries.

[Provide information via mail magazines]
To provide information on events and food fairs to persons who, via an arrangement request form, grant permission to distribute news transmissions and persons who request mail magazine distribution.

[Contacting customers]
We may contact a customer via email, telephone, or postal mail in the event of a need to contact the customer.

3.Personal information management

The database storing customer personal information is managed by a Company internal administrator and an administrative provider contracted by the Company.
Information on customer who used on this Website may be used as statistical information from which all personal information has been removed.
This information is used as marketing data in various formats but is not used for any other purposes.
Furthermore, personal information may be used to the extent outlined by law in the event we receive a legal and official inquiry from police, the court, or other public authority, as well as in the event of a serious and emergency situation involving the customer, Company, or other third party.

4.Provisions concerning consignment and shared use

1) Package plans for parties, body care, and clothing rentals
We use in collaboration with operators providing body care, clothing rental, photography, and other services.
2) Internal facilities
We use in collaboration with operators providing body care and other services.
3) Membership organization management
We use in collaboration with operators providing comprehensive services for membership procedures, data registration, and management.
4) Other
We use in collaboration with operators and business partners providing comprehensive services.

5.Provisions concerning disclosure

To the extent possible we work to ensure customer personal information is accurate and up to date. If a request is received from the individual, we will disclose registered information. Furthermore, if we are informed that registered content is incorrect, we will confirm that content and, as necessary, add, change, or revise registered information or terminate use of said information. Contact the following for details on procedures for requesting disclosure (required documents, method of receipt, method of identity confirmation, fees, etc.). Customer inquiries: +81-(0)6-7713-2826 (10:00am to 6:00pm)

6.Use of cookies

This Website uses cookies. You can disable cookies via your browser settings but that may result in the inability to use certain services on this website.

7.Recording of access logs

This Website records access logs of persons who access this website. Access logs contain the site visitor's domain name, IP address, and browser used, access date and time, source link, and other information but contain no information enabling the identification of an individual.

8.Revisions to privacy policy

In the event of revisions to this privacy policy, notification shall be published to this Website. For other changes, check this Website for the latest information.