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Site policy

Terms of use

Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER website(
The following directory, reservation programs, and email transmission program (hereafter collectively referred to as "Website") are operated by the Osaka Bay Tower LLC (hereinafter, "Company") or its appointed representative. Prior to the use of Website, make sure you read the following terms of use.
Use of Website constitutes acknowledge of and consent to these terms of use.
About changes to service content

Company may make changes to the content of services offered via this Website without any prior notification. Furthermore, the operation of all or a portion of this Website may be suspended temporarily or long-term without prior notification for maintenance work, system malfunctions, or due to other reasons.


Copyrights to information contained on this Websites shall, in principle, belong to the Company. Excluding cases when written approval has been received from the Company, the secondary use of information published to this Website is prohibited.


Company may change information on this Website without warning. Furthermore, you hereby acknowledge that the operation of this Website may be suspended or terminated.

About published images

The photos and images published to this Website may differ from the actual facilities, products, or cuisine made available to the customer. We ask you in advance for your understanding.

About linking to this Website

In principle, links to this Website may be made at the users discretion. However, please refrain from linking only to images or using within frames.

Company indemnity concerning linked sites

This Website may publish links to third-party websites in order to supplement the information published on this Website. The contents of third-party websites linked from this Website (hereinafter, "Linked Sites") are managed by the respective site administrators. Company shall bear no liability whatsoever concerning the contents of Linked Sites nor liability for any damages incurred from the use of said contents.

Personal information protection policy

This Website may require you to input your name, address, and other personal information in order to make reservations, send inquiries, or complete membership registration. Input information is used to provide beneficial services to the customer and is not used for any other purposes. For details on our personal information protection policy, see our "Privacy Policy" page.