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Garden & Foot Baths

Sky Garden

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In an expansive Japanese garden of more than 3,000 m2, gradually soak your feet in one of our foot baths as you wear your stylish yukata and gaze upon the seasonal trees and flowers!

Atop Solaniwa Onsen’s roof is an expansive Japanese garden of more than 3,000 m2. Here you can gently soak in a foot bath in your stylish yukata, gaze out upon the garden from our café, and enjoy drinks and cakes in the seasonal beauty of the many trees and flowers. Sky Garden is home to many seasonal events, as well as the Thousand Torii Arches — a famous photo spot on social media — and a statue of Mizuarai Benten, the goddess of water, where you can visit with that special someone to make a wish. This Japanese garden is full of charm and you can enjoy it in the way that best suits you!
Rooftop Garen & Footbaths : 11:00~22:30

Sky Footbath

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This massive foot bath extends all across the short side of the garden!

The Sky Garden foot baths are the spot in Solaniwa Onsen we most recommend. There is even a massive foot bath extending all across the short side of the garden! Relaxing your feet in the foot bath as you gaze upon the vast Japanese garden will give you a feeling that your body and your spirit are being cleansed.

Benten Shrine

庭園11 庭園11
Why not make a wish before this statue of the goddess Mizuarai Benten, which was actually carved by a real Buddhist priest?

Overlooking Sky Garden from its highest point is a statue of Mizuarai Benten, which was carved by an actual Buddhist priest. This spot with its excellent view of the wonderful scenery of the garden is a popular place to take photos for social media.

The Thousand Torii Arches

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The Thousand Torii Arches are without a doubt one of the most popular photo spots in the garden!

The Thousand Torii Arches are a series of Shinto archways leading up the path to Benten Shrine. They form a tunnel linking our world to the realm of the gods and spirits and is a great place for taking a photo and posting it on social media!