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A rich array of more than 30 different kinds of services from the top professionals in the relaxation business!

Spa no Machi is the largest relaxation salon in Japan with some 30 beds, run by one of the biggest names in Japanese relaxation salons with over 120 locations nationwide. Unlike the old “lying down type,” we provide our proprietary “lying-on-your-side type”treatment that place less strain on your body, as well as scrubbing, beauty treatment, Foot care, Heat Detox Oil and so on — in total more than 30 different kinds of services for you to choose from!

Body Care SalonKeirakuin
This is one of the largest relaxation facilities in Kansai providing close to 30 services that won’t put a strain on your body, from traditional Japanese body care to modern beauty treatments! Experience a whole new realm of total beauty.
Body Care
This is our company’s original body care to gently stimulate muscles that have become stiff and tight. A pleasant stimulus gently repeats at a constant rhythm, allowing both your body and mind to relax.
Traditional Japanese Body Care
With a new technique that goes beyond conventional concepts, we perform body care that engages the muscles on a deeper level while simultaneously alleviating the typical breathlessness of lying facedown.
Stimulates the 72 specific reflex areas on the soles corresponding to the organs and muscles throughout the body, improving physical condition and enhancing functions.
Partial Reinforcement Course
We recommend that you select “point care,” which is easy to feel working, in combination with “body care,” “traditional Japanese body care,” “footcare,” etc.
Ancient Thai Therapy
Heal your body from the inside out using this original technique that mixes Wat Pho and Chiang Mai — the two major schools of Thai therapy that have been passed on for millennia!
Ultrasonic Face Massage
For firm and flexible skin with our proprietary cleansing method. Bring out your natural beauty with a skin-exfoliating facial using ultrasound.
Divine Heat Detox Oil
Using our original detox oil, eliminate waste products and toxins from your body! It promotes blood circulation and raises body temperature, promoting anti-aging and a faster metabolism.
Scrub-down Center
In the Public Bath area on 5F
Body scrubbing
This scrub-down method originates in ancient Rome and is said to be the world’s oldest beauty treatment. Adapting traditional techniques to the modern person’s body, come closer to beauty and health.