Games & Festival Day|Facility Introduction | [Official] Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER

Games & Festival Stalls

Benten Festival Stalls

At Benten Festival Stalls, we’ve got a Game Corner where every day is like a Japanese temple festival!

“Benten Festival Stalls,” every day is like a Japanese temple festival, and you can enjoy the Game Corner centered around the large shrine float! Win great prizes at the shooting and ring-toss games! The following contents are currently available:

Goldfish Scooping
Ninja Darts
Japanese pin ball

Arcade & Games Area

Exciting Arcade Games!
New amusement area has been opened!

After enjoying traditional games at "Benten Festival Stalls", come and play modern arcade games at "Arcade & Game Area". Take Purikura photos of yourself wearing an original Solaniwa Yukata and win great prizes at claw machines!

●Claw Machines
●Purikura Photo Booth
●Racing Games
●Shooting Games etc.