Body and Beauty Treatment | [Official] Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER

Body and Beauty

Experience the skincare treatment developed by the industry leading beauty R&D institution POLA at Solaniwa Onsen

New beauty salon is opened at Solaniwa Onsen.
The beauty specialist called “Beauty director” residing at this salon offers a variety of menu including Skin Planning, Beauty Treatments and Cosmetics for sale. Relax in the hot spring and feel the synergy of beauty and health. Free menu is available.

Time 11:00 ~ 20:00 (L.O. 19:00)
2F Relaxation & Beauty Treatment Area
(Both Solaniwa customers and visitors are welcome to use the salon. )
Reservation/inquiry TEL. 06-6537-9707

Facial Treatment
A high-quality beauty treatment that specializes in facial care.
Based on “Treatment theory” developed with knowledge POLA gained from the analysis and research on women’s skin, they pay attention to every single hand touch and movement on one’s skin.
APEX Skin Planning
Designing Skin Care for Each Individual
With a “Personalized menu” that is among 8.62 million skin care recommendations, a beauty specialist looks into the skin condition at present and possible condition in the future and recommends the most suitable skin care routine.

Based on results of Condition Analysis and Potential Analysis, the advisor suggests a starting point for skin care routine that suits each individual.
Free of Charge
First Hyperbaric Hydrogen? Oxygen Capsule in West Japan!
Add to Hot spring bathing and beauty treatment to boost the synergy effect
The hydrogen capsule is the industry's first in that it adds effect of hydrogen to an usual oxygen capsule. Consuming hydrogen and dissolved oxygen into the body improves blood flow, metabolism and healing power and is expected to bring effects of disease prevention and anti-aging (beauty).
*Customers can use only the hyperbaric oxygen capsule too.
Cosmetic shop
A wide range of beauty products ranging from cosmetic products, health food, beauty drinks and so much more!
Experience the skincare treatment developed by the industry leading beauty R&D institution POLA at Solaniwa Onsen. Based on POLA’s “Sustainable Beauty Theory” that enhances one’s ability to grow one’s beauty, POLA presents high-quality and satisfying cosmetics.

Limited time POLA Special Salon

POLA pop-up shop is located on 2F
Starting from 4,070 yen (including tax)

Time 14:00~20:00 (L.O. 19:00 )
2F Benten Street