How to Get In and Out of Solaniwa Onsen

At Solaniwa Onsen, all our guests wear yukatas and other costumes.
All services and purchases in the facility are paid for with your wristband. You pay the bill when you leave.
This page explains the procedures for entering and leaving the facility.

When You Enter Solaniwa Onsen

1Deposit your shoes

When you enter Solaniwa Onsen, please take off your shoes, place them in one of the lockers outside, and take the key with you. This key is a wristband that will serve as your “wallet” to keep a tab on all payments you are due to make while you are with us. Make sure to take care of it (don’t lose it!) until you leave.

2Check in to Solaniwa Onsen

Once you proceed to the Front Desk and display your wristband, we will do the paperwork for you to enter Solaniwa Onsen. If you have an advance ticket or a coupon, please show it to the staff now. Just in case your key gets lost, we will give you an entry receipt with your key number written on it.

3Receive your ticket if you have some kind of package offer

In case of an advance package ticket or the like, if there are services or products included as part of the set, you will be issued with a service discount voucher along with your entry receipt at the Front Desk. If you have any tickets for relaxation facilities or meals or the like, please hand those to the townspeople at the relevant facilities.

4Select a yukata

Select the yukata that tickles your fancy from the Yukata Rack behind the Front Desk. Women’s yukatas are two-piece sets, and come in two types: Sun Dress Type and Wrapped-Skirt Type.

5Change into your yukata

Enter the changing room and change into your yukata. The changing rooms have free lockers. (These are unrelated to the locker you left your shoes in outside.) Pick a locker wherever you like. The bathing rooms are on the 5th floor and cannot be accessed directly. First change into your yukata and then move to the 5th floor.

Enjoy Solaniwa Onsen

The changing rooms have two exits: one the way you came in it, and one on the opposite side.
Unless you are waiting for someone or the like, please go straight through to the exit on the other side. All services and purchases in the facility are paid for with your wristband, and you pay a bundle fee when you leave.
Solaniwa Onsen is equipped with multiple SNS-read photo spots. Feel free to take a shot with your smartphone camera! (The men’s yukatas have pockets on the inside.)

How to Get to the Hot Springs
(Bathing Rooms)

The hot springs (bathing rooms) are on the top floor (5F). So please wear your yukata into the elevator and take it to the 5th floor, then take it off in the disrobing room on the 5th floor.
You can find towels (both bath towels and face towels) as well as all the amenities you need on the 5th floor.

Yukata/Costume Request

In order to maintain an atmosphere evocative of Japanese culture and history,Solaniwa Onsen has a rule that only our costumes and/or similar kimonos and traditional Japanese clothing are to be worn inside the facility.We request that everyone who enters the facility put on one of our yukatas.

When You Are Leaving Solaniwa Onsen

1Change clothes

Return to the changing room to change back into your original clothes. There are two types of locker key: one for the “outside” area (for paying) and one for the changing rooms. Please take care not to confuse the two. Please return your towel and yukata at the returns box just outside the changing room.


Please go to either the Front Desk or one of the automatic payment machines and pay your Entry Fee and any other fees all together. (Those wishing to use Solaniwa Member’s Card points, or those who have purchased advance tickets and availed of other service contents, will be unable to pay with the automatic payment machines. Please pay at the Front Desk.)

3Leaving Solaniwa Onsen

Once you have completed your payment, you will be issued with a departure receipt stamped with the code for the gate. Swipe this at the gate and proceed to the outside locker corner. Return your wristband to the locker, take out your shoes, and you’re done. We hope to see you again!

Don’t Lose Your Wristband!

At Solaniwa Onsen, all fees are to be paid with the wristband to which your outside locker key is attached. For this reason, the wristband is the same as currency. Please keep it on your person at all times and take very good care of it. If you lose your wristband, we will have to charge you an additional loss warranty fee of ¥5,500 (in addition to a locker key charge of ¥3,300).