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SKD Drinks

Detox with SKD Drinks

SKD is a method that drains toxins from the body and refreshes the mind and body while hydrating with three teas that maximize the detox effect of the stone sauna. Please avail yourself of this to make the most of your stone sauna experience!


By drinking black tea within 30 minutes before entering the stone sauna, the caffeine and tannins act to reduce glycogen consumption and turn the body’s fat into a state where it can be more easily burned off.

Sweat Out in the Stone Sauna

Our stone saunas will let you sweat away! We especially recommend the löyly (Finnish sauna) show that will make you sweat a whole lot in a short time.


In the middle of your stone sauna, take some herbal tea. The citric acid contained in the herbal tea metabolizes carbohydrates and fats into energy, while ensuring you stay properly hydrated.


Herbal tea taken after the stone sauna will refresh the mind and body with the high diuretic effect of its potassium and the digestive function detox effect resulting from secretion of gastric juices and bile.