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Terms of use

Please Read Before Entry

You will not be permitted use of the facilities if you do not agree to the following.
Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents or other problems enconeted.
Children should be under the instruction of their guardians.

The following kinds of guests will not be admitted.
※ Those who are under doctor's orders not to enter baths
※ Those who are infectious or appear to be so
※ Those who are heavily intoxicated
※ If you feel unwell, we recommend refraining from entering the bath.

If you feel unwell or are injured, please contact a staff member for first aid. There are no phycisians in the facilities. An ambulance will be called in emergencies

Bathing manners and clothing

You will be nude when bathing. Please refrain from using in bathing suits or with towels, etc. Please be sure to wear the provided clothes while using the facilities. Please be sure to wear the clothing specially provided for the bedrock sauna when using it. Guests with diapers should please refrain from entering the bath. Children who are still wearing diapers should please use the baby bath. Bathing diapers cannot be used. Please do not wear accessories, eyeglasses, etc.during the use of sauna, bedrock sauna, etc., because they can have negative impacts on health.Please refrain from diving, swimming, or jumping while in the bath.


Please rinse your body using hot water or the shower, etc. before entering the bath. Please refrain from bringing towels, hand towels, washing implements, toys, etc. into the baths. Please do not enter the bath with oil, etc. applied to your body as this will deteriorate the quality of the water. Please do not enter non-paved areas. Please refrain from bringing pets in(excluding service animals for sight and hearing impaired).


Please do not run inside the facilities including the bath area. There may be cases where the facilities are closed or admission is refused due to weather changes, terrestrial phenomena, fires, accidents, etc. If a disaster or accident occurs, please promptly follow the instructions of the staff. Please use a locker, etc. for your belongings and manage them at your own risk. Please refrain from wearing eyeglasses, sunglasses, and accessories while bathing. They may cause contact or accidents with other customers or become damaged. Please do not use cameras or similar objects within the changing rooms, bathing areas, restrooms, lockers, etc. If peeping photography is suspected the police will be notified. When taking photos please keep the privacy of those around you in mind. Children (elementary school age and younger) must be accompanied by a guardian age 18 or older when using. Guardians should keep watch over children while they are using the facilities. Please avoid bathing after consuming alcohol as it can have a negative impact on health.

Bringing in articles

Bringing in outside food and drink is prohibited by the authorities.
※ Only those with food allergies or bringing baby food will be allowed to bring them in.
※ The kitchen is not hypoallergenic, so there is a possibility of contamination.

Please do not bring in dangerous items (glass items, metal or bladed items, explosives) or animals such as pets. Please refrain from using children's toys etc. while bathing. Please keep items with strong odors stored, etc. in a way that will not cause inconvenience for other guests. Staff members may prohibit other things that are not listed in these terms at their own judgment depending on the circumstances. Please manage your belongings at your own risk.
※ We do not offer warrantees against loss, theft, or damage.

Other notes of caution

Those with tattoos or fashion tattoos will not be admitted entry under any circumstances.
※ If discovered or reported inside the facilities, you will immediately be asked to leave.
※ We offer no warrantee for refunds, etc.

If you have body paint or stickers on please remove them before entry. Members of antisocial forces or those engaging in other activity which will inconvenience other guests will not be allowed entry or to stay.
※ We provide no warrantee for refunds, etc.
Please cease any activity which the staff deem to be causing problems or danger for other guests following the staff's instructions. Please follow the instructions of staff while inside the facilities including during emergencies. Holding spots with belongings, monopolizing space, and other actions that cause inconvenience for other guests are not allowed. Underage guests should be accompanied by someone age 18 or older. (There are legal restrictions to times when unaccompanied minors can use the facilities. (Under 18 until 10:00PM, under 16 until 7:00PM))
Children age 7 or older or 120cm or taller will not be allowed to bathe with other genders. Use of electrical outlets within the facilities for charging mobile phones, etc. is not permitted except where designated. Please take care to avoid losing your locker keys and IC band.
※ 3,300 yen (tax included) will be charged if you have lost your locker key.
(For security reasons, we will replace the key cylinder. Once you leave the facility, refunds cannot be processed even if the lost locker key has been found.)