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Neppu Yokocho
Bedrock Sauna

The 7 types of bedrock sauna for health, beauty and relaxation

The bedrock saunas warm your body from its very core with the far-infrared rays of a dry sauna. Releasing sweat from the depths of your body will bring about health, beauty, and relaxation. Solaniwa Onsen offers a total of 7 rooms that can be used by couples. If you wish to use the bedrock sauna, please apply at the Bedrock Sauna Reception (additional fee applies) and use the specialized bedrock sauna outfit.
The fee includes a towel and the bedrock sauna outfit.

the bedrock sauna outfit

Types of Bedrock Saunas

This bedrock sauna can accommodate a large number of people. The pathway leading into this room resembles the highway that long ago connected the holy shrines in Kyoto to the merchant capital of Osaka.
Using artificial sunlight that contains the same components as the sun’s natural rays, you can make vitamin D in your body, which can ameliorate ailments such as weak-feeling and the common cold.
In this bedrock sauna, a wide open space modeled on a Japanese tatami room, we have a variety of events such as Hot Yoga Stretching.
With a design resembling temples overseas, this mist sauna does not have the difficult-to-breath quality of intense heat saunas, and is gentle on the skin and hair.
With negative ions and far-infrared rays released from the gravel of rock salt spread all over, you can warm your body from the core. This treatment can be relied upon to improve blood circulation and ameliorate fatigue.
This is highly recommended for those who want to relax in a warm-but-not-too-hot environment. The hot-floor booth is modeled on a riverbed along the highway to “Kyoto” (Jingu-Bo).
Watch the shifting scenery of the waterfall images as they change with the season, and be whisked away by the enchanting sound of rushing water. This cool room will give you a sense of being surrounded by nature.

Terms of use

1. Wear the designated bedrock sauna robes.
2. Remember to stay sufficiently hydrates.
3. Lay down a towel and take care to avoid burning your skin.
4. The following people cannot use the bedrock sauna. Those who are unwell, those who have heart trouble or high blood pressure, those who are intoxicated, those tending to anemia, pregnant, fasting, or overly full.
5. Avoid behavior which inconveniences other guests such as holding sections of seats to yourself, bringing in outside food or drink, etc.
6. Children are not allowed to use the bedrock sauna.