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Transformation / Photo

Kyonishiki Kimono Rental
Rent out a costume and become a lord or a princess or a swordswoman for a day! Post the pictures on social media and make your followers jealous!
At Solaniwa Onsen’s clothing rental store Kyonishiki, you can get a variety of fantastic costumes for both men and women, from yukata pairs for couples to “lord,” “princess,” “merchant’s daughter,” “samurai,” “woman swordmaster” and more, you can really get in the spirit of the period! Take lots of pictures in Solaniwa Onsen and you’re sure to make your friends on social media jealous! Really popular among cosplay enthusiasts!
Particularly popular is the “courtesan” (oiran) costume. We even have a specialized photo salon. Kyonishiki can be directly accessed from outside Solaniwa Onsen, so it is even enjoyed by those who are not coming into the facility itself. For this reason, it is often used for weddings, graduations, and other ritual days when Japanese normally wear traditional clothing.
Time:11:00 am – 9:00 pm
(last entry:8:30 pm)
Photo House Osakaya
Photography service provided by both a professional photography and automated photography machine!
Your photo will be given to you in a specialized photo frame. If you purchase at least one of the photos, you can download the data for all the other photos for free.We are currently offering a special gift to those who get their picture taken: a commemorative Solaniwa Onsen Photo Card!