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SNS Photo Spot

Solaniwa Onsen is full of great places to take pictures! Let’s create original photos as we enjoy the facility!


Hoian Street
Colorful Vietnamese lanterns with glittering mirrors. This area is linked to Vietnam, which developed a trading relationship with Japan in the late 16th century.
The picture covering the entire wall is a real map of Solaniwa Onsen!
Benten-sama (Benten Road)
Snap a shot with Benten-sama in front of Benten-men!
Taiko Bridge (Benten Road)
Solaniwa Temple
Get a nice surprise when you make your wish.
The pathway beside Komachi-Chaya
(Neppu Yokocho)

Find the Cats!

Cats are hiding at various spots around Solaniwa Onsen.
How many do you think you can find?


The Thousand Torii Arches
(Sky Garden)
Jizo (Sky Garden)
These statues of the guardian deity of children stand on the bank of the stream.
Foot bath (Sky Garden)
Enjoy with a dessert and a drink from Tenga-Chaya.


Mizuarai Benten
(Sky Garden)
The garden that you can view from here is a must-see!
Waiting Room
The roof is decorated with an image of the Dragon God! The Dragon God is a god of water, and he looks after Solaniwa Onsen at all times.