Announcement of Change in Business Hours (Updated on January 14)


Dear Customers,

Starting from January 14, 2021 until further notice, we shorten and change our business hours as follows.

Business Hours: 11:00 am ~ 8:00pm (Last entry 7:00pm)
*Morning bath and Late-Night operation remain closed until further notice.

Business hours of each service

Baths, Garden & Other services

5F Main Baths  
11:00am ~ 9:30pm
5F Private Baths  
11:00am ~ 7:00pm (Last admission 5:00pm)
2F Bedrock Sauna  
11:00am ~ 7:00pm (Last admission 6:00pm)
4F Garden & Footbaths  
11:00am ~ 7:30pm

Restaurant & Café

2F Noodle Shop BEN TEN MEN  
Closed until further notice
2F Standing Bar YAMAZEN-TEI  
Closed until further notice
2F Izakaya NAWA-NOREN  
11:00am ~ 7:30pm (Last order 7:00pm)
11:00am ~ 7:30pm (Last order 7:00pm)
5F Garden Café TENGA CHAYA  
Closed until further notice

Relaxation & Other services

2F POLA Solaniwa Onsen   
12:00pm ~ 8:00pm (Last admission 6:30pm)
2F Beauty & Body Treatment KEIRAKUIN  
12:00pm ~ 7:00pm (Last admission 6:00pm)
2F Benten Festival Day (Game area)  
Closed until further notice
2F Souvenir shop  
11:00am ~ 8:00pm
4F Body Scrub  
12:00pm ~ 7:00pm (Last admission 6:00pm)
2F Fish Therapy  
12:00pm ~ 7:30pm (Last admission 7:15pm)

Information above may change depending on future situation, If so, we will announce accordingly.