Health & Safery measures and Requests to Customers(Updated: 5/29)


Dear Customers,

As the safety of our customers and employees still remains top priorities upon reopening the facility, we will strengthen our health & safety measures in line with “Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control (感染拡大予防にかかる標準的対策)” issued by Osaka prefecture. We ask customer’s understanding and corporation on this as our employees continue to proceed to carry out appropriate preventive measures at Solaniwa Onsen.

Health & Safery measures
* Our services such as entertainment shows, sauna/bedrock sauna remain suspended. Karaoke machine rental service is also not available until further notice.
* At restaurants, we scale down the number of seats to keep social distances, remove chopsticks, tableware and etc. from tables and suspend shared platter menus.
* At relaxation services, we change and disinfect beds, implements and equipment after each use. Some treatments are temporarily not available.
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Requests to Customers

*Customers with a temperature of 37.5 ℃ (99.5℉) or higher and who refuses a tempurture mesurment will not be allowed to enter Solaniwa Onsen.
*If symptoms such as coughing continue even after entering Solaniwa Onsen, we may ask you to leave the facility at a decision of our manager on duty.

Information above may change depending on future situation, If so, we will announce accordingly.