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Peace of Mind for Mom and Dad!
Solaniwa Onsen for Kids

We have prepared various services that you can enjoy with your children.

Restaurants & Cafés

Benten Castle Kids’ Set

You can bring baby food and milk in here. Talk to one of our staff if you need hot water to prepare the milk.

Pick Your Space / Facility

Plenty of Books for Kids

The Solaniwa Archives have a variety of books for children. From picture books to game/quiz book, children’s novels and comics, you can find them all here!

Diaper-Changing Stand

Various places around the facility.


Baby Bath

For infants who are still wearing diapers, we have a portable “Baby Bath”!
* We do not allow children in swim diapers to enter the baths.



Available sizes are 100 cm and 130 cm.


Available sizes are 100 cm and 130 cm. You can choose which color obi—red or yellow—you prefer.

S size

We also have an S-size that is bigger than the kids’ ones but smaller than those for adults.

Warm even outside

We have kids’ short coats for both boys and girls intended for garden use.

Be careful!

  • Because Solaniwa Onsen forbids “outdoor footwear” and other things that have touched the grounds, we do not allow strollers.
  • We will store your stroller in the cloakroom.
Inside the bathing rooms
  • Make absolutely sure never to lose sight of any young children accompanying you.
  • The floors inside the bathing areas are extremely slippery. Please walk especially carefully when carrying young children.